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7 Reasons why your Business Needs Video Conferencing

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Companies across the globe are trying to provide the best facilities to their remote workers so that they are able to contribute positively to the growth of the organization. Disabilities, if any, existing in the communication systems of a company have been completely eliminated with the introduction of video conferencing technology. This unique technology facilitates video conferencing over the internet.

The remote workers often feel isolated as they do not have colleagues from whom they can seek advice or seniors who would help them in taking critical decisions. Video conferencing proves to be a boon for these workers who can communicate as well as collaborate with their colleagues and customers. The following reasons will be compelling enough for all those who have not yet taken the VC leap for their organization.

Video conferencing – 7 reasons get it now.

  • Body language reveals a lot during face to face interactions – Business communications, even if they are non-verbal, tend to reveal a lot about the state of the mind of your colleagues or customers. If you are using a video conferencing solution then you will be able to judge the reaction by observing the body language of the person. You will be able to understand whether the person is smiling or disagreeing on a particular topic of discussion. Thus, you will be able to take cues from the body language of a person and veer the conversation to a desired direction.
  • Business relationships are strengthened –When meeting a person face to face, you have the opportunity to observe a person carefully and this leaves a lasting impression on your mind. Video conferencing does exactly that and you are able to build long term relationships with colleagues, business associates and customers when you can have a small talk or long discussion with them. Phone calls might serve as great communication tool but VC facilitates speaking with a person in a more informal way. Relationships can be taken to a different level when you are able to see the others taking part in the interactions.
  • Save time like never before –Long distance meetings can be easily handled without wasting even a minute if you use a video conferencing solution. Thus, you are able to save a lot of time when you use the video conferencing technology to communicate with colleagues, business associates and customers. Time is of great importance, especially when you are operating in a competitive market. VC solutions will facilitate quick communication and you will never have to wait to travel to the remote sites or customer’s office. Time will directly translate into money and you will be able to save a lot of money that you usually spent on travelling and related expenses. Thus, hefty savings will lead to higher profits and you can use the money for other core business purposes.
  • Monetary savings will increase –As you will be able to cut down on the travel costs, it would automatically save a lot of money for your company. You do not need to pay money for the meeting rooms, travel expenses and accommodation. Video conferencing proves to be the ultimate tool for your company that can even increase your profit margins.
  • Business from anywhere and anytime – You as well as your colleagues or employees would be able to carry out business activities from anywhere and at any point in time.
  • Enhance the productivity – Productivity is often related to the efficient business processes followed in an organization. VC will help you to enhance the communication which in turn will facilitate quicker decision making and better results.
  • Higher profits – Adopting video conferencing solutions might not directly affect the bottom line but it would certainly help you to reduce expenses and make business process leaner and efficient.

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