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How to Make the Most of Your B2B Trade Show

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In the current world of hyper-linked sales and marketing conditions, firms in the B2B field are competing for a smaller and smaller share of the attention from buying agents in their targeted market. The fierce competition experienced in various marketing channels has put a large premium on high-quality lead generation as the main component for any successful B2B marketing strategies.

It is vital for B2B marketers to diversify their marketing strategies to maintain healthy sales pipelines. Engaging in events and trade shows is among the most effective marketing strategies. Making the most of trade shows and events as a B2B requires smart planning and execution. Here are some tactics you can use to make the most of your upcoming B2B trade show:

1. Activate Your Existing Client Base

To be successful, ensure you advertise the trade show event to your current customers well in advance before the opening dates. If you can, try to make direct contact with your customers to inform them of the products or services you will have on display at the show, and try to arrange viewing appointments with buying agents.

By so doing, you’ll not only guarantee that your display stays busy, but you might also guarantee sufficient sales from current clients to offset the entire cost of your event appearance.

2. Commission an Unforgettable Display

One of the largest expenditures that most companies make when prepping for a trade show is to purchase customized branded items to give as free gifts at the event. While free gifts are a trend-true method for selling a brand, it is also smart to remember that other presenters at the show will also try to do the same thing.

Therefore, it is better to save your money to commission an engaging display that the visitors will never forget. Virtual Reality displays and games that involve technology from the items being displayed tend to leave a lasting impression on people.

3. Focus of Relationship Building More than the Sales

Without a doubt, maintaining a consistent stream of visitors to your trade show booth and being able to keep them there via an engaging display will ensure your business makes great impression on potential clients, but that will not translate to direct sales by itself. That reality normally drives many businesses to maintain a sales-heavy approach during a trade show, but that may not work well.

At most times, visitors at a trade show event are coming to view new products and services, and not to make quick buying decisions; therefore building a relationship with the attendees is more valuable than acquiring a yes on one sale.


Trade shows are an ideal marketing platform for businesses in the B2B field. They present a great opportunity for a company to stand out from the competition. Moreover, they allow for the type of person-to-person contact that is continuing to become a rarity in our connected world. That’s perhaps why live events and trade show events continue to attract large crowds, in spite of the growing digitization.

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