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Personality Traits That Employers Look For When Hiring

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It’s important to understand that an interview is probably the single opportunity you will have to put your best foot forward to snag the job. You should look the part and understand the position thoroughly, but it’s also worth considering what personality traits employers are looking for.

Employers are obviously looking for someone with the skills to do the job, but they are also concerned with the character and personality of the interviewee. Many employers will use the interview process to try and determine what makes you tick; who you really are behind that business suit.

Employers are looking for someone who will fit with the culture of their organization, so it’s important to do your research. Talk to other employees, read company blogs and find out what training the company offers. This will give you an idea of what the company is about. Check out sites like Accelerate who specialize in training management. See what the experts are saying.

Be Professional

Professionalism is highly valued by employers. They are looking for an employee that will behave in a professional manner and will represent the company well. Make sure you are dressed professionally. Do some research about the dress code of the company and make sure you exceed expectations. You should speak and conduct yourself in a professional way. Shake hands with your interviewer, speak calmly and logically and don’t text.


Confidence is a highly attractive trait to prospective employers. Your interviewer will be looking for you to answer questions clearly and competently while maintaining good eye contact. Don’t be shy at an interview. It will not serve you to be modest about your accomplishments and abilities. The interviewer is looking for someone who can confidently take on the role on offer. Show them you can.


At an interview your potential employer is looking for signs that you are self-motivated and energetic. No-one wants to hire a slacker. They want to hire someone who has the capacity to get the job done without having to be supervised and cajoled. They are looking for a hard worker, someone who will go over and above the minimum requirements. Show them you are enthusiastic. Talk about how you want to contribute to the organization. Put your research to good use by showing you are so keen about the job that you have already acquired a lot of knowledge about the business.


Loyalty is a very important attribute to many employers. They are hoping to employ someone who will give them their best work and also remain with the company for a reasonable period. You should talk with the interviewer about your loyalty to other companies you have worked for. If you are asked why you left a job, you can be sure an interviewer is checking up on your loyalty. It is best to explain that you left because you had to, perhaps you were relocating or the company was restructuring. Show you didn’t leave on a whim.

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