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Technology Trends for Small Business’ in 2015

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If you own a small business, or plan to start one, you are surely aware that you always need to be up to date in everything that is related to your business, as well as small business’ in general. The thing that is surely ever changing is technology, either the one that we use to improve our business, extend the network of our customers or, hopefully, introduce something new into the product list that we offer or add some additional services to our present catalogue. Having that in mind, it is essential that you are well informed and in line with all the changes and innovations at the beginning of every year.

That is why we prepared an outline of upcoming technology trends for 2015 that could be used in your line of business.


Cloud is not something that is a novelty in doing business. However, it offers many benefits and it is worth exploring any additional opportunities it may offer. For instance, by transferring to Cloud you could significantly reduce the quantity of the IT equipment that you currently have in your office. This is especially true for all the equipment that you do not use that often anymore. IT equipment gets outdated rather fast and maintenance can become something that simply does not pay off anymore. Therefore, it would be wise to get rid of all such equipment in favor of the Cloud, if the figures prove it. You will save money, time and gain extra office space.

Online Marketing

This is another area that is always developing. Social networks and forums are increasing their influence in 2015 and being constantly present would be a good way of reinforcing your network of customers, as well as an opportunity to attract new ones. On the other hand, if your small business is not complementary to social networks, another way to go is to integrate with popular email clients and calendar applications. This will improve synchronization of your employees and narrow the possibility of missing a dead line or an important meeting to a minimum, as well as speed up your communication, wherever you find yourself at.

Data Storage

Data storage is becoming digitalized, not only for practical but also for ecological reasons. Digital storage is being strongly promoted in 2015 and you should be a part of it. Cloud plays an important role here as well and offers various packages if you combine different services it offers. Of course, there are some areas of business where having hard copies is obligatory, however, even they can digitalize some of their date, and should by all means do so.


The safety of your digital data is also a major concern. Backup utilities are constantly developing and being informed can mean a world of difference. The last thing you want to happen is to lose some important data for good, or that your confidential business and client information get stolen or misused. The cloud offers security to your data; however, you could work on it to, especially by educating yourself and your employees on the matters of internet security, data storage, regular password changes and modifications. Multilevel security is always a better approach.

Home Based Business

Due to technological improvements and world wide online working opportunities home based business are on the increase and will continue to be throughout 2015. If this is how you conduct your business too, apart from improved online security, it would be smart to invest into office safes, especially if your line of work requires that you keep hard copies of your business documents, contracts or correspondence, either due to legal requirements or any other practical or security reason. As it is the case with digital data, you do not want any classified documentation stolen, lost or misused.

Mobile Technology

Conducting business via smart phones and tablets will be on the increase in 2015, regardless of the line of business you are into. Mastering various useful applications is a must and can be critical to being successful. Embrace it and make the best use of it.

As you can see, mobility, safety and digitalization are the major technology trends for 2015 too, just as they were in previous couple of years. Therefore, if you have been with us for some time now, you will have no problems following. On the other hand, if you have just joined us, do not procrastinate a second.

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