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The Advantages of Starting a Business in Switzerland

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There is nothing more satisfying than being your own boss. Everyone dreams of having the freedom and flexibility that an entrepreneurial lifestyle offers, but becoming your own boss is a lot easier said than done. Assuming you have enough capital to start a business, the first priority is determining where you will start your business.

While most don’t think to go overseas to start their business, the nation of Switzerland is rapidly emerging as one of the premier destinations to start a new business. Here are just a few advantages when Switzerland setting up business.

The Benefits of a Holding Company

One of the best companies to open in Switzerland is a holding company. A holding company can be defined as a business that holds or manages participation in another company. While you may be interested in another form of business, this particular business type rewards entrepreneurs with a whole host of benefits. However, before the particular benefits can be explored, it’s important to have a brief understanding of Switzerland’s different territories are ruled. In brief, Switzerland as a country is composed of 20-plus sub-regions. These smaller regions within the country are called cantons. Each canton has its own jurisdictions, but by far the best canton for holding companies is the Canton of Zug.

Zug is one of the most lenient of all the cantons as far as taxes are concerned. Zug is also an environment that embraces businesses, and its corporate friendly environment allows for enhanced corporate infrastructure development. As a result, over 25-percent of the region’s businesses are holding companies.

While there are restrictions for Swiss businesses, there are very few restrictions on managing the intellectual or monetary properties of a foreign business within the Swiss domain. In layman’s terms, a foreign company can have its assets managed without any taxes in Switzerland. If you’re a foreign citizen with enough capital, you can easily start a holding company and have your assets managed without a government or private entity interfering with your money. Even if you’re not starting an entirely new holding company from the ground-up, you can still have your company’s excess assets managed in Switzerland to avoid taxes in your homeland.

Incorporating Your Business

Switzerland is a premier destination for businesses because they welcome entrepreneurs with open arms. Incorporating your business in Switzerland is a relatively easy process. Before the business can be incorporated in full, there is a brief pre-incorporation process. After all documents are checked and verified, your business can be fully incorporated. Incorporation brings with it a lot of tax benefits, and it will also allow your business to network with other Swiss companies.

Switzerland is a bustling centre of finance, so there’s no doubt your company will benefit from making Switzerland its new home. If you’re still unsure, consider contacting a Swiss formation company. A formation company will assist any business that desires to operate within the confines of Switzerland. Don’t hesitate. Take your dream of owning a business, and make it a reality today.

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