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What to Consider Before Starting Your Own Export Business

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Starting your own export business is a great idea, especially if you know of a great product that you feel would sell well. Getting a successful import/export business could bring in the big bucks and have you finding fantastic financial success. If you have never had experience in the industry then you might want to think about doing a good bit of research, and talking to people to make sure that you know what you are getting into. Making friends with people who are already in the business means that you can share information with them, and have a better chance of making your venture a success.

Here are 5 things to consider before you get into it.


An important thing to consider involves knowing what the various regulations and charges are for the countries that you want to import from and export to. Before you decide to do anything, or sign your name on the dotted line, check out this information so you have a good idea about what it is going to cost to bring goods into a country. Governments usually have some taxes and regulations for incomings and out goings so do your research beforehand.


Another important thing to think about it what is your market. You will want to choose a particular one and create a brand and logo to assist you in getting your goods out there. Focussing on a particular area in particular will help you to get a better idea about what you are looking for when choosing stock, or having a brand that can encompass a few different things is a good way of keeping your options open. Know your market and stay focussed about what you want to achieve.


There is no point importing stock if you don’t have anyone to buy it. Become a salesman and start working for yourself. Your face will be the first thing they see, so be confident, and sure of your product. The best way to do it is to get orders up front for stock so that you don’t have things sitting around too long. Keep it moving by knowing your buyers and building a relationship with them. Let them know when you have new products.


Who are you going to buy your stock off? Do you know them? Can you trust them? Its important to be sure about the stock you are buying, and the people you are doing business with, because at the end of the day, it is your name, and your credibility that is going to be out there being tested. Make sure that your stock lives up to your name.


The larger amounts of stock you buy, the cheaper it is going to be, which means that unless you have already sold everything you will need to have some where to store it until it is sold. Hiring a warehouse and installing good storage solutions will ensure that your stock is kept safe and dry, and will go to the customer in good condition.

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