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Why a Drive-Thru Coffee Business is a Good Idea

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When you think of something that will surely sell, coffee is always the one of the best contenders among food and basic commodities. Most of the people are always on-the-go having no time to prepare coffee themselves. They would travel the street half-asleep because they haven’t got their dose of caffeine yet.

Thus, when you buy coffee shop premises, consider a drive-through coffee store. Why?

Most coffee business owners are already into cafes and coffee shops. Only a few however, have their own drive thru section on the side. For a starting entrepreneur like you who wants to engage in a coffee business, a drive-thru coffee store is the perfect choice. When you buy coffee shop premises the first thing that matters is the starting capital; with a drive-thru store, less space is required and less capital is needed.

Since it is a drive-through coffee shop, you wouldn’t need a big space. You’ll just need an ergonomic coffee workstation to make sure that customers don’t have to wait too long. People who purchase in the drive-through are usually in a hurry so you don’t want to keep them long. Your staff need to work and move efficiently which greatly depends on the layout of your workstation. Your Barista will be able to move fast if all he or she needs are close at hand – storage of beans, fridge milk, and bins – even the nearby sink for easy cleaning must be located closely. The counter should be near the coffee workstation so the Barista could hear the orders of the customers and work on it ahead of time. In the drive-thru business, the volume of sales made in a period of time greatly matters. However, if you have a slow paced system, the chance of high income will decrease.

When you buy coffee shop premises, make sure you buy the finest roasted beans as well. It is important that you serve your customers the most delicious espresso-based beverages. Coffee fanatics, regardless if they’re in a hurry, would pass a number of competitors just to get their kind of espresso-based drinks. A successful business is determined by financial sustainability, high ROI, and loyal customers; keep the customers coming back for your coffee.

Though your store is just a drive thru store, you can leave an area in the counter for some customers who don’t drive a car. Set up two to three tables outside with chairs and umbrellas so they can hang out while enjoying their beverages. This could add up to your earnings and increase your gross income.

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