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Exhibiting At Your First Expo

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Attending a business expo as an exhibitor is something of a milestone for many businesses. Exhibiting for the first time is as much about learning the ropes of exhibiting as it is about networking and generating business leads. In this blog we look at some of the dos and the don’ts of exhibiting at trade shows.

Do Attend Trade Shows as a Visitor

A lot can be learned from the exhibition stands of others in your business sector. It’s worth attending a trade show or two, purely to assess what other businesses in your field are doing to get attention. In particular try and identify any areas that the opposition aren’t tapping into – a great way to be noticed is to be different from the rest. You can make your plans for which trade shows to attend by visiting 10Times.com where you can search UK trade shows by industry sector.

Don’t Do Gimmicks

Don’t waste your time or money on gimmicks that you hope will draw people in. Believe it or not, no one will be interested in a free Mars bar that’s been sat under the hot lights of your exhibition stand for the last two days. Stick to sensible free stuff that people will actually be happy to take away. Pens, USB sticks and other stationery items will always be welcome freebies – get them personalised with your contact details and you’ve put your phone number in the palm of a customer’s hand.

Do Choose the Right Staff

First impressions do count. Make sure the people you put on your exhibition stands are the people that project the right image of your business. Your staff who are working on the stand need to be able to communicate effortlessly AND know your business inside out.

Do Stand Out From the Crowd

Modular Exhibition Stands have improved in many ways in recent years. Complete exhibitions stands can now fold down into a couple of holdalls and easily fit into the boot of a small hatchback car. Exhibition stands have shrunk in price as well as pack-away size. This means that nearly all businesses will have one at any expo you attend. You exhibition stand needs to make a visual impact, so it’s important that you get your design made by a professional exhibition stand manufacturer such as Zoom Display Ltd. Zoom display specialise in exhibition stands that are scalable and reusable, so you can start small and add to your set up as your business and your exhibition space grow.

Don’t be Naïve

Don’t give away any company sensitive information. It’s quite common for your competitors to send junior and unknown members of staff into the exhibition to try and glean valuable information from you. Don’t reveal costs there and then, instead make appointments for a follow up call in the days after the exhibition. Remember to get a business card from the person you’re talking to – they’re a good way to make sure they are who they say they are.

If you’ve just attended your first exhibition as an exhibitor and would like to share your experience, leave us a comment with your tips for success.

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