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After 30 Years of Pizza, This Franchisee ‘Cleaned up’ With a Very Different Concept

John Mansour isn’t afraid to start over. After immigrating to the United States at age 19 from his native Jordan, he attended college in Chicago and immediately went to work with Pizza Hut. There, over three decades, he rose to vice president of operations for an Illinois franchisee. But when the opportunity came for an…
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Baiseitov Bakhytbek Kazakhstan businessman

Last spring happenned, perhaps, one of the most outstanding business cases in the history of the state — a very profitable buyout of Bank CenterCredit JSC shares from Tsesnabank. Baiseitov Bakhytbek Rymbekovich, Lee Vladislav Sedinovich, as well as a group of individuals acted as buyers of the huge block of shares. This transaction took place…
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What Exactly Is A Business Directory?

Do you want proper exposure through online marketing and gain better success? At some point in time, every businesses always look for better ways to gain more traffic in their sites. The strategic method to acquire more traffic is to develop much exposure potentially. So if you want to increase the traffic and exposure of…
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Which Industries Benefit From Industrial Grade Hoses?

Industrial grade hoses have nothing to do with hoses that people use to water their garden. Indeed, while the latter is usually small and can only sustain limited water pressure, the former is much more rugged and can sustain great water pressure, among other features. While consumer grade hoses are bought at department stores such…
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A Checklist Of Agendas You Must Know Before You Buy A Business!

Buying a new business involves many risks that you need to evaluate, whereas buying an established one can be a great opportunity because you don’t have to go through the lengthy procedure of starting from scratch. Whether you buy a new business or an existing one, the most important thing is to make the right…
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10 Business Which Would Do Real Well in 2017

There has been an overflowing of competition of businesses in the market today throughout the world as new small businesses start their production, and big businesses create new small businesses and branches as part of their expansion program. Hence, it is quite tough to join in the competition against the flock of huge business tycoons.…
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10 Richest Businessmen Who Were University Drop Out

Billionaires are common people just like us. A person does not need to be so educated to become the richest person on the world. Sometimes, your intelligence and talent leads you to your success that has never been encountered before. The college degrees or university graduates are not the reason, a person can be the…
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Tradesman Toolkit for Trade Business

Wise tradies who recognize the energy from the internet to leverage their business and automate many customer interaction processes possess a big benefit over their non-online tradies rivals. However two of the most basic actions any trade business should use to develop and become more lucrative are Customer Support and Follow-up. No matter regardless if…
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Starting Your Own Business – 4 Things You Should Think About

Starting your own business can be an exciting venture but do you know what it takes to keep it running? This is something that requires a lot of work in order to see continued success, even with a small business. Although it’s easy to start a company, it’s not easy to keep one running efficiently.…
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Business and Social Life at Royal Ascot 2015

Since 1711, every third week of June, London gives birth to the Royal Ascot, the most important equestrian event in the world! The Royal Ascot is held in Windsor Great Park hippodrome, which is about one hour away from the capital. The format is always the same, and it has been repeating itself for 300…
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