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How to Improve Business Productivity with a New Office Design

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Office décor is really important for a person’s productivity and creativity and you are given the chance to arrange everything just the way you like and later enjoy the products of your amazing space!

Yet, decorating an office has both its benefits and downside. The downside is that, just as with any space, you have a limited space and probably a limited budget.

Don’t despair! We are singling out tips that will help you arrange your home office the best way possible!

Rely on a plan

No good project has ever taken place without having previously been put in a plan. To have a clear vision about what you’ll do and how the whole project is going to play out, you need to have a plan.

The plan should consist of:

  • Realistic expectations about the time frame, budget, space and your decorating idea
  • The budget you HAVE not the one you THINK YOU HAVE or WISH TO HAVE
  • The timeframe you want/need to execute the project in
  • The idea (or several ideas) you believe would be a good look on the space
  • Evaluation of the actual space at your disposal

Determine the time you’ll be spending at your office

This may seem as an unnecessary thing to do (who in the world can be sure on the time they’ll spend anywhere, right?) but you need to at least ballpark when it comes to this information. Why is this important? Depending on the time you spend in your office you’ll be able to plan out the space, functionality-wise. The more time is spent in a certain space, the more clutter you are expected to make. Meaning, if you are spending over 5 hours in your home office, you need to think about the functionality of the space first, and then about the décor.

Functionality doesn’t mean ugly

It’s important to understand that even though you may need a top functional space, you can have it look super cute too.

Your workstation

Depending on the size of your space, we’d suggest going for the corner table. These look stylish yet are incredibly functional – the workstation is often pretty wide and the space under the table is good for storage cabinets, drawers and boxes.


Shelves are an incredible way to save space and keep everything in order. Again, depending on your space, opt for various types of shelves. Our favorite are tall, floor to ceiling shelves (if you’ve got a lot of stuff) and horizontally placed ones in front of the desk. The first play a great storage space for documents and books you are not using as often while the latter are good for files you need at your immediate reach. You can make the shelves pretty by adding decorative items such as vases, photos, sculptures or any other item you want for your space.

The sofa

If you are planning on having occasional meetings in your office with potential clients and/or your employees, having a sofa is a good option. Since you are probably managing most of your meetings with partners/clients/firms/employees/etc. through conference calls, a sofa in your home office is an immediate solution for occasional personal contacts.

Plus, sometimes when you are working hard and you need to take a little break, you’ll have a sofa to lie on for a few minutes and give yourself a break.

Opt for a sofa in a color that agrees in tone with the rest of your space and maybe upgrade it with a few cushions in interesting patterns, to brighten up the room. Nowadays there’s a lot of affordable office furniture to choose from, so there’s nothing to worry about.


You are probably overjoyed with the fact you are redecorating your current office space and you want to pay attention to seemingly important aspects of the office. That’s fine as long as you don’t forget the most important part – outlets where to plug in your electrics! For anyone who is serious about equipping their home office, a computer, printer, scanner, conference call TV set and similar gadgetry play a big role. So, make sure your furniture and desk placement agrees with the outlets placement. You don’t want a bunch of cables and wires ruining your space.

A home office is probably the best interior to decorate. Why? Simply because it’s a space you are creating for yourself, without having to consult anyone for approval. And you know what suits your needs better than anyone.

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