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Which Industries Benefit From Industrial Grade Hoses?

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Industrial grade hoses have nothing to do with hoses that people use to water their garden. Indeed, while the latter is usually small and can only sustain limited water pressure, the former is much more rugged and can sustain great water pressure, among other features. While consumer grade hoses are bought at department stores such as Home Depot, industrial hoses are purchased from a hose manufacturer. Today, we decided to talk about the industries that can benefit from this type of hoses.

Snow Making Industry

While snow is far from most people’s priorities given that summer is getting closer and closer each week, it is important to mention that the snow making industry, especially in ski resorts, use industrial grade hoses in their activities. High quality hose manufacturers have all the expertise required to build solid high performance hoses to carry the water to snow cannons. They are, of course, created to be able to sustain the cold temperatures of winter without leaking or experiencing water freezing.

Fire Fighting Industry

While the previous industry we discussed, snow making, is definitely not the first one that people think of when discussing hoses, this one is definitely considered a “natural match” industry. Indeed, the fire fighting industry is a big industrial grade hose user and has pushed hose manufacturer’s Research and Development for years to develop better products to be able to better face extreme conditions. Good examples of extreme conditions and products that fire fighting equipment such as fire hoses are exposed to and must resist are chemicals, saltwater and oils.

Mining, Oil and Gas Industries

Other industries that use this kind of hoses are the mining, oil and gas industries. Just like in fire fighting, people who work in these industries work in tough conditions and the hoses that they use must be able to sustain this workload. They use high pressure hoses unique to their sector that are able to transport thousands of gallons per minute in a single hose. They are also easy to transport and feature couplings that prevent leaking.

Custom Made Hoses

Like we mentioned earlier, hose manufacturing is driven by innovation, Research and Development and the constant desire to satisfy clients. Over the years, this has lead to the release of multiple new, high performing hose models that have been of great help for many industries. However, sometimes clients’ needs are very specific and this is where custom projects come into play. Indeed, the best hose manufacturers will sit down with their clients to discuss what they want out of their new hose, their needs, the specifications, etc. and they will get to work to work to manufacture it.

This concludes this article on the industries that benefit from industrial grade hoses. We hope that reading it has made you aware of the many industries that use hoses in their day to day activities. In the meantime, if you are working for a company that is currently looking to upgrade their hoses, do not hesitate to give one of your local hose manufacturer a call!

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