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Climate change could slash $571b from property values, study warns

A Climate Council study warns the value of Australian real estate could plunge over the next decade unless future governments have the political will to deal with climate change. The research estimates residential property value losses of $571 billion by 2030 related to increased extreme weather events, inundation of some low-lying coastal properties and higher…
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How Much Can Lack Of Employee Engagement Cost An Organization?

Does your company have a problem with lack of employee engagement? Have you wondered if they care about their work or if they simply show up to work because they need a paycheck to survive? Chances are, if you are asking yourself these questions, you are facing a serious problem, lack of employee engagement. According…
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Tips to Master Salary Negotiation without Breaking a Sweat

Concentrate first on the worth you bring Begin the discussion by discussing what you have finished for the organization and the extra assignments you plan to tackle (or, on account of a prospective employee meet-up, the quality and aptitudes you will bring). At that point make them ask: “In light of these commitments, I require…
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Mastering Public Speaking-Etiquette Can Be Crucial For That Growth of Your Business

Many people feel that public speaking requires a formal, boring, technical jargon. However, in order to master public speaking certain attic it must be followed. This etiquette should come in the form of speaking to your audience as though what they are mental, and educational equals to two you and your topic. Understanding your audience…
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Which Industries Benefit From Industrial Grade Hoses?

Industrial grade hoses have nothing to do with hoses that people use to water their garden. Indeed, while the latter is usually small and can only sustain limited water pressure, the former is much more rugged and can sustain great water pressure, among other features. While consumer grade hoses are bought at department stores such…
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What Exactly Is A Business Directory?

Do you want proper exposure through online marketing and gain better success? At some point in time, every businesses always look for better ways to gain more traffic in their sites. The strategic method to acquire more traffic is to develop much exposure potentially. So if you want to increase the traffic and exposure of…
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Hire the Right Person for the Job Every Time

If you are a business owner of any kind, you probably already know how difficult it can be to take care of everything, to keep the business running and preferably growing and to ensure that everyone is happy and doing the best job they can. A part of the business owner’s job is hiring new…
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Updating Your POS System For The Health Of Your Business

The point of sale terminals in your stores must be updated regularly to help your business remain with the times. Your customers are making purchases that should not take very long, and your POS terminals must collect the proper information for each sale. The updates listed in this article explore how your point of sale…
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Rightsizing – How It Pays Off

When you go to buy a dress or a suit for a formal event, you want the outfit to fit you right, and make you feel comfortable wearing it. Usually you will need to go to a tailor, to have them adjust the garment to your size to fit your body appropriately. This “right sizing”…
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Technical Documentation Services Company

Why Do You Need a Technical Documentation Services Company for your Firm?

The truth is that there are many great reasons why you should use the services of a technical documentation company for your own business, and here we will take a look at few of the most important ones. The reasons: You get to work with experts A professional technical documentation services company will be able…
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